Efficient use of agricultural by-products.

Biogas in agriculture: for an efficient use of by-products

Biogas plants are increasingly becoming an important addition to the income of farms.

Encouraged by the rules and regulations in force, the use of by-products, such as livestock manure, crop waste, waste produced by agro-industrial operations to generate electricity not only help the environment, but also add value to what, otherwise, would have been just waste.

Schmack Biogas is at your side from the very beginning of the construction of your plant. From the feasibility study to sizing, from permits to help in securing financing, from design to construction, from start-up to technical and biological support, we can offer you all the help you need.

Technical and biological support

Support to us means being there, whenever you need us and whenever there is a problem.

Schmack Biogas stays at your side even after starting up your system, taking care of maintenance in a highly professional manner, and offering the most complete biological support. Who knows how to take care of your plant better than who built it?

We offer the same level of care to our customers who used technology other than ours to build their plant: please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Impianti biogas a partire da 75 kW per tutte le aziende agricole e zootecniche.

Componenti robuste made in Germany, sia per impianti nuovi che per potenziamenti e riattivazioni di impianti esistenti.

Per garantire al vostro impianto un funzionamento ottimale, contattate il nostro reparto di assistenza tecnica.

Una digestione anaerobica efficiente inizia in laboratorio.

Impianti di upgrading a biometano e di immissione nelle reti di trasporto e distribuzione del gas naturale.