Schmack Biogas – Solid and efficient solutions for sustainable energy

Over twenty years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of biogas and biomethane plants.

Schmack has been at your service since 1995

Pioneers in the biogas sector

Schmack Biogas was founded in Germany, in 1995, when Ulrich Schmack, the son of aviculturists, had the idea of using the waste from the family company’s processes together with energy crops to produce electricity. The idea worked and was so popular, that soon neighbouring farms wanted their own plant. This resulted in the establishment of the company that soon became a leading manufacturer of biogas plants.

2000: the specialised laboratory

Over the years the development of the plant components has been constant along with a major focus on research, with the inauguration in 2000 of the in-house laboratory, which with its unparalleled experience in the field now has the largest fermentation test database in Europe.

2006: Schmack Biogas comes to Italy

The Italian branch, founded in Bolzano in 2006, since the beginning has been able to offer full support to those who want to become producers of electricity from biogas.

Schmack Biogas can offer a full service, starting with the feasibility study and design, taking care of the permit process and construction, assembly and start-up, and providing routine and special maintenance. Tried and tested German technology entrusted to a highly qualified and motivated Italian team.

A single supplier, therefore, of all the components for a turnkey plant, which represents, in the eyes of the most demanding customer, a reference point for all the plant requirements.

2018-2024: innovation as a sign of continuity

In January 2018, Schmack Biogas Srl was acquired, through a Management Buy Out operation, by the new Italian shareholders.

The company is now the only reference for the design and construction of biogas and biomethane with the historic Schmack Biogas brand, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its long-standing and consolidated experience, the company continues the project development activities, as well as the support and maintenance activities, along with a growth process also in the international field.

On January 16, 2020, PLC Spa has finalized the acquisition of 51% of Schmack Biogas Srl, thus entering the market of biogas and biomethane and expanding its already wide range of services on the supply chain of renewable sources that sees it active in the wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, as well as electrical infrastructure of high and very high voltage and industrial infrastructures.

2024: part of Hitachi Zosen Inova

On March 7, 2024, Swiss-Japanese green-tech company Hitachi Zosen Inova purchase a majority stake in Schmack Biogas, with the aim to expand its anaerobic digestion activities and boosting its contribution to decarbonisation, resource circularity and supply security. Massimo Rossetto and Nicolò Cariboni retain minority interests.