Technical support for all plants

Whatever the technology of your biogas or biomethane plant, we can offer you the best technical support.

The best support for the best performance

Our main concern is to make sure that your plant lives up to its potential. You may contact our technicians for routine and special maintenance: regardless of whether we built your plant or if it uses different technology, our goal is always maximum performance.

24/7 helpline, 365 days a year

Our technicians are always available; they can advise the managers of the plant whenever required.

Maintenance of the biogas plant

We take care of the routine maintenance of the plant, with a frequency that varies according to the manager’s needs.

Maintenance of the cogenerator

We can provide routine and special maintenance for cogenerators manufactured by the main brands, guaranteeing fixed intervention times and maximum professionalism. We also supply lubricants and manage the related analyses.

Supply of materials and spare parts

Thanks to our large warehouse in San Marino Buon Albergo, we are in a position to supply all consumables required for maintenance, guaranteeing delivery in 24 hours.

Technical advice

Thanks to the support of our design department, we are able to assess the efficiency of your plant, suggesting the best technical solutions to optimise its operation.

Our technical support services

Do you have extra biomass? Would you like to optimise and increase the generation of electricity from biogas? We can help you fulfil the potential of your plant.

Managers of biogas plants know that there is always something more important to do than constantly checking the parameters of the plant.

The secret to a profitable biogas plant is its smooth operation. In fact, during the life of the plant, operating costs are a lot higher than the initial investment.

For managers of biogas plants it is very important not to waste time and energy in monitoring the regular operation of the plant. That is why Schmack Biogas plants are fully automated.