biowaste-operated plants

Convert biowaste and by-products into biomethane and electricity

Obtain energy from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and from by-products

The sector involved in the collection and valorisation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and of green waste has experienced constant growth since the mid-’90s. In the ten years between 2000 and 2010, the quantities of OFMSW more than tripled; the three years after that saw further acceleration. Already significant numbers, but destined to grow: only about 60% of Italians collect the OFMSW separately.

The municipal waste chain is joined by agro-industry, with its large quantities of by-products such as, to name but a few, wet olive pomace, tomato skins, whey, slaughterhouse waste.

In both cases, Schmack Biogas can offer the best solutions for the production of biomethane and the generation of electricity guiding you step by step, from the permit process to design, from construction to technical and biological maintenance.

Durable components made in Germany, both for new plants and for the upgrading and reactivation of existing plants.

To ensure that your plant operates at optimal levels, contact our technical support department.

Efficient anaerobic digestion starts in the laboratory.

Plants for upgrading to biomethane and for injection in the natural gas transport and distribution networks.