Start-up of the biological process

Your biogas plant comes to life.

A successful beginning

The operations involved in the start-up of the plant’s biological process start even before the end of the construction work. Our experts are by your side during this delicate phase, to make sure that everything is done in the shortest delays possible, but without compromising the stability of the anaerobic digestion process.

At this time, it is important to analyse the inoculation material and the biomass that will be used during start-up. Subsequently, we will work out the best strategy, the one that is best suited to filling the fermenters, with particular attention to the quantities of each substrate.

During start-up, it is important to monitor the digestion process, with regular analysis of the fermenting substrate: this is how we take control of the situation and are able to make timely interventions. At the end, if you wish, you will receive a report with all the results and with advice on the biological monitoring of your fermenters during their subsequent operation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Continuous monitoring of the biological process start-up
  • Interpretation of the results of the analyses
  • Instructions regarding the feeding methods
  • Consultancy based on over 60,000 process analyses
  • Complete documentation

Our biological support services:

Your biogas plant comes to life.

Whenever there is a problem, the response must be quick and efficient.

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