Mixing systems for biogas and biomethane plants

Mixing systems for biogas and biomethane plants, characterised by low self-consumption and solid construction.

Mixing systems

The agitators manufactured by Schmack Biogas are solid and durable, and can improve the performance of your plant. The slow, continuous movement preserves bacteria and produces the optimal conditions for fermentation.

The agitators prevent the formation of foam or floating layers and sediments, which would inhibit the production of gas; you can take full advantage of the energy potential of your plant.

Certified quality for your biogas plant

One of the factors that must be taken into consideration in the construction of a biogas or biomethane plant is the use of high-quality materials. This why we decided to develop and manufacture a key component such as mixing systems by ourselves.

Our objective is to offer you a system that is able to operate continuously and with minimum maintenance.

The agitators manufactured by Schmack Biogas:

Sturdy and durable paddle agitators for efficient biogas plants.

Vertical blade agitators for biogas plants with a slab roof, with reduced maintenance requirements.