EUCOmpact biogas plant in Dragoni, Italy

Biogas plant with EUCOmpact technology, built in a buffalo farm.

Biogas plant in Dragoni

Location: Dragoni (CE), Italy

Plant type: EUCOmpact 100kW

Feeding: buffalo manure, corn and sorghum silage, feeder waste

Owner: Azienda Agricola Desideri Gaveglio Camillo di Rosa Perrone

Not all animal manure is the same

Animal manure and slurry are not always the same. Their dry matter content varies from barn to barn, depending on stabling. Even inside the same barn, there may be variations throughout the year.

The problem in the buffalo farm that installed this plant was the high dry matter content of the slurry, which was complemented with a small quantity of silage to reach the 100 kW power. The issue was solved with the EUCOmpact, the revolutionary compact plant that works best with biomass with a high dry matter content.