COCCUS® Mini biogas plant in San Martino Buon Albergo, Italy

100 kW biogas plant with COCCUS® Mini technology, built in a buffalo farm.

Biogas plant in San Martino Buon Albergo

Location: San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), Italy

Plant type: COCCUS® Mini 100kW

Feeding: bovine slurry, bovine manure, corn silage

Not all animal manure is the same

The COCCUS® Mini plant is the best solution for farms which, as in the case of Società Agricola Nordera, have large quantities of slurry in the feeding plan.

In the plant of San Martino Buon Albergo, the farm’s bovine slurry, in fact, represents approx. 80% of feeding, while manure accounts for approx. 15%. The rest is dedicated crops, which mainly aim at covering drops in production of manure due to regular management, in order to ensure that the installed capacity is reached constantly.