First biogas plant in Greece for Schmack Biogas.

First biogas plant in Greece for Schmack Biogas.

Bolzano, 2 March 2020. Once the construction work has been completed, in the next few days equipping works will begin on the 500 kW biogas plant in Xiromero. This is the first plant in Greece for the Bolzano company.


The contract with K. Karanikolas Biogas Production SA, owner of the plant, was signed last August. Today, once the groundworks had been completed and the construction of the tanks had reached a good stage, preparatory work began to allow the digesters to be equipped in a few days.

This is a 500 kW COCCUS® Titan plant, characterized by the innovative COCCUS® 5500 digester. Thanks to its 4 REMEX® agitators with large blades, the digester can ensure the perfect mixing of biomass, even in front of a complex feeding plan that includes, in addition to pig and cow manure and whey, also large quantities of chicken manure, corn stalks and corn straw.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of September.

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