Outstanding result for Schmack Biogas: two more important contracts signed in Greece

The presence in the Hellenic peninsula is further strengthened for the Bolzano-based company.

Bolzano (Italy), August 5th, 2021. Schmack Biogas has signed two more contracts for the construction of two biogas plants in Greece: a 1 MW plant that will be built in Central Macedonia, not far from Thessaloniki, and a 500 kW plant in Thessaly.

The plant to be built in Macedonia will be the first EUCO® Titan plant built by Schmack Biogas in Greece. Characterized by the presence of a plug-flow EUCO® fermenter and a COCCUS® post-digester, it will be able to produce enough green electricity to meet the needs of about 2000 households. Another peculiarity is given by the used biomasses: the biogas plant will in fact be fed with agricultural waste (manure, olive pomace and by-products of milk processing), organic waste and a small amount of energy crops. A challenging feeding plan, which the plant is able to handle thanks to the presence of the EUCO® digester and the efficient agitation systems that characterize Schmack Biogas plants and that guarantee maximum biomass yield in all conditions.

On the other hand, a 500 kW COCCUS® Titan plant will be built in Thessaly using mostly livestock by-products. The centerpiece of the plant is the innovative COCCUS® 5500 digester: with its four Remex® agitators with large blades, the fermenter can guarantee the perfect mixing of biomass (animal manure and olive pomace).

For both sites, construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021.

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