Schmack Biogas construction sites reopen after lockdown

The worksite reopens in Xiromero, for the first plant in Greece, and a new one in Italy, in San Pietro in Gu, is starting up.

Bolzano, 5 August 2020. In the past few weeks, construction work on new biogas plants has resumed after the forced lockdown due to Covid-19. The first two sites to reopen are located in Xiromero (Greece) and San Pietro in Gu (Italy).

We come from a difficult time for everyone, and we too battled with the fears and uncertainties of these months, brought on by this pandemic which surprised us, but which pulled out the best of us. Schmack Biogas has never stopped completely, not even during the lockdown, to ensure that the power plants we provide assistance to are kept in perfect working order. But the construction sites for new plants had to stop, as they should have done.

Today we can finally celebrate the restart: in full compliance with the anti-COVID 19 precautions suggested by the authorities, construction is back on track.

On last 6 July, the equipment operations started again for the first power plant built by Schmack Biogas in Greece. Work on the COCCUS® Titan 500 plant in Xiromero was interrupted last March. The centrepiece of the 500 kW power plant, which will be fed with pig manure, cattle manure, chicken manure, whey and corn culture waste, will be the innovative COCCUS® 5500 fermenter, with its 4 REMEX® agitators, able to ensure uniformity of mixing throughout the digester.

The first post-lockdown construction site in Italy, in San Pietro in Gu ( Padua ), started on the 27 July for a COCCUS® Mini 100 plant. Work was scheduled to start in the spring, but the pandemic delayed the start in the summer.

The objective is to recover at least part of the lost time, to be able to carry out – for both plants – the first feed-in of electricity into the grid by the end of 2020.

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