EUCOmpact 100 kW plant in Villa Castelli

The first biogas plant to be fed exclusively with oil pomace.

Biogas plant in Villa Castelli

Location: Villa Castelli (BR), Italy

Type: EUCOmpact 100 kW

Feeding: wet olive pomace

Energy valorisation of olive pomace

The mill of the Cassese family in Villa Castelli (BR) is a gem of innovation. It is not a coincidence that this is where the first biogas plant to be fed exclusively with olive pomace was built.

In a 10,000 m² facility, the company processes olives from the family’s lands or from other producers to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Wishing to close the virtuous cycle, the company had the idea to develop a biogas plant that would use the wet olive pomace produced by the multiphase decanters of the company. They chose the EUCOmpact technology of Schmack Biogas: its long paddle agitator, in fact, ensures the optimal digestion of this biomass, the features of which mean that it is not easily digested in a traditional plant.

The company’s waste now produces thermal energy and electricity, and the digestate is then used as a soil conditioner on the same lands that produce the olives, eliminating the need for chemical fertilisers.