Remex® agitators

Sturdy and durable paddle agitators for efficient biogas plants.

Paddle agitators for biogas plants

The fermenter is the heart of all biogas plants. That is why it is important for the mixing system to be adaptable and sturdy. Thanks to their continuous movement, REMEX® agitators guarantee the optimal mixing of biomass in the fermenters; the biomass may be solid, such as dedicated crops, manure or waste, or liquid, such as animal slurry or liquid by-products.

The adjustable mixing protects the bacterial film, thanks to its slow but continuous motion, which
creates a circular movement ensuring optimal fermentation. This also prevents
the formation of sediments and floating layers, facilitating the emission of biogas.

The number of revolutions of the REMEX® agitator and the absorbed power may be adjusted via the plant’s control unit.

Thanks to their extremely low consumption, REMEX® agitators can operate continuously; avoiding downtime prevents the formation of floating layers that inhibit the emission of gas.

Maintenance operations are simple, since the motor and the gear motor are outside the fermenter.

The benefits at a glance

  • Reduced self-consumption
  • Inverter-controlled
  • Sturdy and designed to last for the entire life of the plant
  • Self-lubricating polyamide bearings
  • Both vertical and horizontal mixing
  • Motor outside the fermenter
  • Reduced maintenance needs and, therefore, reduced downtime

The agitators manufactured by Schmack Biogas:

Sturdy and durable paddle agitators for efficient biogas plants.

Vertical blade agitators for biogas plants with a slab roof, with reduced maintenance requirements.